5 Mecha Combined Into One!

El Dora Fight, Go! Amigo!

El Dora V

The fun is just beginning!

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Scramble Advancer!

The Eldorado team's mecha has been captured in model form complete with transformation and combination features!

  • Grand Header

  • Body Gander

  • Power Hander

    *Interchangeable nozzle parts made to more closely represent the look from the anime series are included.

  • Nice Footer

Let's Go! El Dorado!

Ancient Combination El Dora IV

The four mecha united in one
historic combination!

The four mecha can be combined to create El Dora IV.
A special head part is also included.

Body Gander head parts for combination as well as parts made to more closely represent the look from the anime series are included.


The chest missile Bombardier is included too!
The beak of the Body Gander can be displayed deployed and the Bombardier can be attached. Since the Bombardier also has a 3mm hole on the end, it can be displayed with a separately sold display stand as well.

We’ll settle everything at once!El Dora Fist!

The El Dora Fist technique, where its forearm transforms into a knuckle guard and punches its foe, can be created by interchanging parts before and after transformation.

We don't have enough energy!We're just a little short!

Pink Amigo

Combine the fifth mecha Pink Amigo to the back of the
El Dora IV!

*Pink Amigo wing parts made to more closely represent the look from the anime series are included.
(Each kind of part can be used in combination.)

Take a good look, youngster.That right there! That spirit!That's what a legendary hero is!

Five Mecha Combination El Dora V

The five mecha
completely combined!

By combining all five mecha, including Pink Amigo, the original mecha El Dora V can be completely recreated!
With the use of an interchangeable dedicated head part, both El Dora IV and El Dora V can be created in figure form!

Complete Combination Ver.

A combination of all five mecha without using interchangeable parts for achieving a closer look to the original anime series.

Pink Amigo wings
interchangeable anime appearance parts

Anime Appearance Parts Ver.

Use the interchangeable parts to create an El Dora V combination even closer to its look from the anime series!

El Dora V Ultimate!

  • The El Dora V Ultimate, the red-hot fist used by El Dora V can be displayed with the use of interchangeable fist parts.
    Ultimate fist parts are made with translucent parts.

Adios! Amigo!

Dynamic action-packed poses can be created even in its combined state!

A message from passionate amigos who love El Dora V!

  • Why are you making a plastic model of El Dora V? Isn't that kind of weird? It was essentially born from Director Taniguchi and Yamane-san just getting completely carried away with their ideas, you know? Of course, that might not be appropriate for me to say, considering all of the design work was left to me. Can you really make an injection model kit that cheap these days? (We never said it was cheap.) If not, it must have been possible through some wonderous Good Smile Company science? Well then, that is wonderful!

    Of course, it's all thanks to the passionate fans. Even if a character (or well, a robot in this case) was born out of impure motives, they are ultimately raised by the fans. I also want to thank Director Taniguchi and Yamane-san for allowing me to be involved in designing El Dora V! I'm extremely grateful for this plastic model adaptation!

    Seichi Nakatani, El Dora V Mechanical Designer

  • I was tasked with refining Nakatani-san's designs for the anime, including El Dora Soul. The director had told me, "This is the end of Brave heroes! Yamane-san, I want you to handle this like it's the last Brave mecha ever." Not only was it not the last one, I had no idea I'd be involved with it for so long... (in a good way.) I think it just goes to show that the spirit of the Brave series is immortal, just like El Dora V.

    The promotional video was so great, I thought it was just the same as the storyboard I did for a second. The way El Dora IV's head was recreated was especially impressive! I can only thank the design staff who responded to every single request I had regarding different armaments and weapons. It really is incredible how you were able to get El Dora V to combine...

    Masahiro Yamane, Gun x Sword Image Leader

  • El Dora V is a mecha whose transformation design I had already thought up before its name was even brought up in the product request surveys. I researched all kinds of original design documents trying to figure out how to bring those transformations and combinations into plastic model form.

    I told Mecha Smile Producer Hiro-san, "If El Dora V is ever made into a plastic model kit, I definitely want to be the one to create it." I was so happy Hiro-san bought into my passion, and so I put all of my love into modeling this mecha.

    There were plenty of difficult aspects, such as storing the head of the Grand Header, connecting the Body Gander and Power Hander, storing the turret of the Nice Footer and transforming the Pink Amigo, but I think we were able to create a product that pays proper respect to the source material while being easy to transform and combine for all of the fans.

    Caloan (GOD BRAVE STUDIO), MODEROID El Dora V Sculptor

El Dora V really is the best!Gracias!

The El Dora V from "Gun x Sword"
is making its plastic model
debut in the MODEROID series!

  • · The model stands at about 200mm in height. Joints of the model are articulated.
  • · All five mecha—Grand Header, Body Gander, Power Hander, Nice Footer and Pink Amigo—can be combined to create El Dora V!
  • · Interchangeable parts for Body Gander's head and Pink Amigo's wings are included to create a look even closer to the anime series.
  • · Combine all four mecha besides Pink Amigo and attach the dedicated head part to create El Dora IV!
  • · Dedicated parts to create the El Dora Fist and El Dora V Ultimate are included.
  • · The chest missile Bombardier is also included. It can be attached to the alternate Body Gander head part.
  • · The various parts of the mecha have been separated into different colored runners, pre-painted parts and stickers, making it easy to recreate the ships with a simple assembly.
Product Name
Gun x Sword
Release Date
October 2023
Ready-to-assemble non-scale plastic model. Approx. 200mm in height.
Mizuho Town Design Team
Good Smile Company

Preorder Period

Available for preorder
from the 17th February 2023 from 12:00 JST
to the 30th March 2023 at 12:00 JST.

By the way, who was that?That unsung hero who gave everything he had.